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About Santiago de Surco (Lima - Peru)

Surco is the district of Lima, where you will find friendship, good wine and lots to see and enjoy. Surco district has a great history and rich culture, customs and traditions still best known:
- The harvest festival of the grape in Surco, which hosts a major festival for the celebration of "Vendimia" with the bottom of a big musical show takes place an exhibition of gastronomy and wine, where you can taste wines, and the "pisco" and "cachina" prepared with the vineyards of Surco, you can still enjoy some delicious "anticuchos", accompanied by belly and end "picarones" delicious.
- The feast of "Santiago Apostol" in Surco" is a procession that brings a lot of locals and visitors, also performed the gastronomic fair, wine and craft that is accompanied with live entertainment and art show with local bands and singers.
- Easter in Surco, various religious activities are held, major events are held in the Church quadricentennial "Santiago Apostol". For nine days, the Plaza Mayor of the district is the scene of several processions.

Extents Surco Peru

Surco has a large land area of 42 square kilometers, where rather modest living areas with modern housing estates and areas most exclusive areas. It presents an economically differentiated society.

Department Stores in Surco Peru

Surco are located in the best Shopping Centers in Peru: Jockey Plaza Shopping Center, Boulevard Caminos del Inca, Chacarilla Mall and Centro Comercial El Polo. It also stresses the Oval Higuereta commercial area, with its "Polvos Rosados". Surco found in exclusive hotels and hostels, renowned restaurants and nightclubs and bars.

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