About of Surco, Lima Perú

Park friendship,  Parque de la Amistad - Surco PeruSantiago de Surco district of Lima is where you will find friendship, good wine and lots to see and enjoy. The Surco district has a great history and rich culture, customs and traditions most popular are: The Feast of the grape harvest or festival of the "Vintage", the feast of Saint James, Holy Week celebrations and contests floral carpet.

The main tourist attractions of Santiago de Surco are: The Plaza Mayor, St. James Parish Complex, Complex historical San Juan Grande, Parque de la Amistad, Green Park Loma Amarilla, Aeronautical Museum Peru, Museo de Oro del Peru y Arms, Square from the Vintage, Park Cesar Vallejo, Municipal Nursery, Coliseo de Gallos "The Rosedal", also located in Surco Las Palmas, Air Force Base in Peru.

Santiago de Surco has a large land area, where more modest living areas with modern housing estates and areas most exclusive areas. It presents an economically differentiated society.
Santiago de Surco covers the areas of "Old Surco" (which houses the Main Square and St. James Church - Here the main festivities take place in the district) and the housing developments: Alborada, Cerros de Camacho, Chacarilla Pond, Higuereta, La Cruceta , The Virreyna, The Capullana, La Castellana, Las Gardenias, Los Rosales, Los Parrales casuarinas, La Zona de Monterrico, Liguria, Pancho Fierro, Extension Benavides, Sagittarius, San Roque, Tambo de Monterrico, Valle Hermoso, Vista Alegre.

Surco PeruSantiago de Surco are located the best Shopping Centers in Peru: Jockey Plaza Shopping Center "," Boulevard Caminos del Inca, Chacarilla Mall and Centro Comercial El Polo. It also stresses the Oval Higuereta commercial area.

They are located in the district senior centers as the University of Lima, the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences (UPC), the Universidad Ricardo Palma, Universidad Alas Peruanas, CENTRUM ESAN University and the Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru.

Major schools in the district are: Champagnat Marist Fathers, Colegio Pio XII, Holy Trinity College, School Master, Bar B. F. Skinner, Salcantay School, the Franco-Peruano French school, Colegio Peruano British Markham College, Colegio Santa Margarita, Colegio Hiram Bingham, Santa Maria College, College of the Immaculate College Casuarinas, Rousseau College, Colegio Santa Teresita, Regina Pacis College, Monterrico Christian School

In Santiago de Surco are Clubs and Recreation Centers as Germania Club, Los Inkas Golf Club, Jockey Club del Peru, owner of the famous "Hippodrome of Monterrico" entertainment center "Daytona Park, Lima Polo and Hunt Club, Deporcentro Casuarinas Club, Union Club Arab-Palestinian ACENESPAR-GC