Shopping in Surco, Lima Peru

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Shopping SurcoDiversity, color, creativity and multiple functionality makes the Peruvian handicrafts in one of the most diverse in the world. With centuries of history filled with forms and also from pre-Hispanic symbol that merge and coexist with others brought by the Spanish, Peruvian art because the admiration of friends and strangers. The Ceramica is the technique of ancestors ancestral estates, is practiced in all regions of the country and is one of the most sought by tourists.

Peruvian jewelry offers a touch of distinction, there are a variety of collections with Peruvian typical reasons, the same that rescue the essence of the pre-Columbian cultures of the country. Also you can find creative designs based on old items in a form of contemporary line.

Shopping in Surco Lima PerúThe designers of the Peruvian jewelry and silverware, they use a lot of resources which is usually seen in goldsmith of the ancient Peruvians, like feathers, shell or mother of pearl spondylus, huayruros (a seed with mystical connotations for the Peruvians) as well as precious stones. Most of these elements are worked in silver, in consequence of this precious metal provides greater flexibility for the use of these materials, while the gold, which already has a high value allows much simpler designs discrete.

In Santiago de Surco may acquire woven garments of fine alpaca and vicuña fibers, due to the high quality of their finishes. Some of these garments are made with a cutting edge technology while combining ancient knowledge of weaving that makes them unique in the world.